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WinCC (Siemens Certified)

Training Equipment


  • This course will enable engineering and maintenance personnel to design and configure automation systems using Siemens Windows Control Center (WINCC)


  • WINCC System Overview
  • Creating a new Step 7 project
  • Creating a new WinCC project in Step 7
  • Create Netpro Link
  • Using the Graphics Designer
  • Create Blocks in Step 7
  • Put Alarm Blocks in Step 7
  • Transfer Tags and Alarms to WinCC
  • Making objects dynamic
  • Object C scripting, Block Icons and Faceplates
  • Alarm-Logging / Messages
  • Archiving & Trending
  • Reports Designer

Participant Prerequirements

  • Successful completion of the ST-7SERV1or ST-7PRO1 Courses.

Course Specifications

Type: Face-To-Face
Duration: 5 days
Language: English
Fee: R 12,500


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