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Simocode Pro V (Siemens Certified)

Training Equipment


  • The course is aimed at maintenance and engineering personnel who need a detailed knowledge of SIMOCODE-ProV.


  • Introduction to SIMOCODE-ProV
  • Programming of the unit.
  • Basic configuring steps.
  • Course exercises.
  • Control from various sources.
  • Communicating via PROFIBUS-Pro V.
  • Introduction of Simocode into an automation system using CPU315DP
  • Configuration of Simocode ES via Step 7 (v5.x) hardware configuration
  • PLC -> Simocode Pro -> PLC Communications
  • Control of Multiple Simocodes on Profibus
  • Cyclic Data Exchange
  • Control of Simocode Pro from an HMI panel
  • Diagnostics using data records

Participant Prerequirements

  • A background of three phase motors and the protection of motors.

Course Specifications

Type: Face-To-Face
Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Fee: R 5,500


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