Electrical, Control, Instrumentation Engineering and Consulting services


ControlNet Consulting provides Electrical, Control, Instrumentation Engineering and Consulting services for the manufacturing industry.

We offer a turn-key solution from the shop floor to the boardroom that includes engineering design, panel manufacture, PLC and SCADA software, installation and commissioning.

Our reporting and product tracking systems provide a clear insight into your business and enable you to make informed decisions.

Industries where we are active

ControlNet - Mining and Minerals

Mining and Minerals

ControlNet - Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

ControlNet - Power Generation

Power Generation

ControlNet - Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

ControlNet - Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper


What we stand for

We know how challenging it can be to manage multiple distinct systems so that they function together in a single manageable process.

This is why we design and develop custom-engineered solutions that seamlessly bring together our focus areas.

Our goal is to design process control systems that are easy for clients to maintain and that give clients back much-needed control over their plants.

Focus Areas

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