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Step 7 Programming 1 (Siemens Certified)

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  • This course is directed at users with engineering experience in the fields of configuring, design & commissioning of SIMATIC S7 programmable controllers. The course provides an optimal entry level to the product-specific & in depth supplementary courses.


  • The SIMATIC S7 family.
  • Programming devices.
  • The SIMATIC Manager & customizing options.
  • Configuration & addressing of modules.
  • CPU properties, symbols tables.
  • Creating projects in LAD/STL/FBD.
  • Cyclic program execution.
  • Basic functions & jumps.
  • Number formats, Timers & Counters.
  • Data handling including arrays & structures.
  • Functions & Function Blocks with assignable parameters.
  • Multiple instance Model.
  • Diagnostics with B, I, L stacks.
  • Monitor/modify variables & debugging.
  • Testing program execution using breakpoints.
  • OB’s & startup considerations.
  • Analog Value processing.
  • Documenting, Saving, Archiving.
  • Communication via MPI GD table & subnets.
  • Discussion of configuring Multi-computer Operation.
  • Totally Integrated Automation principles.
  • S7-GRAPH, S7-HIGRAPH & S7-SCL high-level languages discussion.

Participant Prerequirements

  • Programmers and System integrators involved with SIMATIC 7 programmable controllers.

Course Specifications

Type: Face-To-Face
Duration: 5 days
Language: English
Fee: R 12,500


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