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Automating a Process Plant (Step 7, WinCC, S7 Graph)

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  • Advanced programming techniques. This course is directed at users with engineering experience in the fields of configuring, design & commissioning of SIMATIC S7 programmable controllers. The knowledge & skills acquired in the ST-7PRO1 and ST-7PRO2 courses will be consolidated & extended to enable the participant to structure & generate & put into operation complex programs. The knowledge provided by this course makes it easier to automate a process plant.


  • Creation of Symbols Table
  • Hardware Configuration.
  • Using Libraries & System Functions.
  • Population and Parameterisation of Function Blocks.
  • Interlocking of Devices.
  • S7 Function Block Attributes
  • PID Control
  • Basic & Expanded S7 Communication (NetPro).
  • S7-GRAPH software package.
  • AS-OS Engineering Tools for WinCC.
  • Picture Tree Manager in WinCC.
  • Creating Graphics in WinCC
  • WinCC Block Icons and Faceplates.

Participant Prerequirements

  • Successful completion of the ST-7PRO1 and ST-7PRO2 Courses

Course Specifications

Type: Face-to-face training
Duration: 5 days
Language: English
Fee: R 12,500


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