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Project: Bin Tracking and Interlocking

Client: Aspen

Project Requirements

The client manufactures baby formula. The process consists of a stainless steel bin moving through three to five different stations, depending on the product being manufactured.

The different stations are


  • Blending Station 1
  • Blending Station 2
  • Tumbling Station 1
  • Tumbling Station 2
  • Tumbling Station 3
  • Discharge Station
  • Cleaning Station

It was required that the bin should not be offloaded, unless mixing had taken place. It was also required that if the bin had been through 10 production cycles, then it should be locked out until cleaning had taken place.

We provided the client with RFID tags and read/write heads for tracking the bins throughout the production cycle. The RFID read/write heads were connected to an S7 PLC via profiNET, and in turn to a SQL Historian for data logging and reporting. The client was able to achieve the interlocking he desired as well as being able to track and retrieve data for each bin over a period of time.